New Technology in Eye Care

Wide Field Imaging

Another technology that is changing the way that eye exams are performed is ultra wide field imaging. Typically, one of the patients least favorite parts of the traditional eye exam is the dilation. The bright lights are uncomfortable and it causes the vision to be blurred for several hours. However, it is important to exam the outside edges of the retina for problems like retinal tears, lesions and vascular abnormalities. Wide field imaging allows for up to 85% of the retina to be captured in a high resolution image in a single photograph. Although, it does not necessarily eliminate the need for dilation it is an excellent substitute for many patients and enables your eye doctor to create a digitally recorded baseline that allows them to easily compare changes over the years.

These and many more advances in technology are allowing your eye doctor to provide better, more efficient and more comfortable health care for you eyes. As a result patients are seeing more clearly and having better outcomes when they develop vision changes and eye diseases

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