New Developments in Eye Care

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are worn by over 30 million Americans. They are so common that many patients don’t realize that contact lenses are medical devices that have the potential to cause serious ocular infections if not used properly. Some studies have shown that more than 85% of contact lens wearers are non-compliant with how long they keep their lenses, how often they sterilize or dispose of their contact lens cases and how well they clean their contacts. Enter the breathable daily disposable contact lens. These lenses are thinner and more breathable than traditional contact lenses resulting in better comfort, clearer vision and less eye infections. Breathable daily disposable contact lenses are also available with astigmatism correction and in bifocals. The main concern with daily disposable contact lenses has been price but new technology has reduced the cost and many brands are available at less than a dollar a day.

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